Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Do not let your Christmas party so simple. Think something different to have in your party like games, songs for christmas party, plays and the most important one the looks of the total arrangement with astonishing decoration. Everyone knows that the Christmas party is incomplete without right decoration. So set the atmosphere to a cherry, jeer mood with these simple yet awesome decorations that will have your guests standing in awe! Here are some suggestions to make your Christmas party rocking and stunning with the decoration itself.

Watery Lights:
Take an empty vase or bottle, and then fill it halfway with water. Add some holiday food coloring to the water then take some floating candles, funny cards for valentines day and place them on top of the vase or bottle. Make a variety of different colors then line them up in a row for beautiful and astonishing Christmas table decoration.
 Christmas Spirits:
Stick candles into some empty, clean wine bottles. These will set a warm and unique for your party. Tie green or silver ribbons around the bottles for more of a warm Christmas effect.
 CD Ornaments:
Take some old CD’s that you do not use anymore and cut them up into small pieces with a pair of scissors. Then take some transparent ornaments and glue the CD pieces together for a unique kind of Christmas decoration.
Light Bulb Penguin Ornaments:
You will need some old light bulbs, some acrylic paint and a lot imagination. Paint the light bulbs to look like penguins.
These are some of the great decorating ideas to have your Christmas party a grand success by such kind of a decoration. This helps not only in reputation but gives you self-satisfaction that all of your guests have appreciated you decorations and enjoyed lot in a party. Have followed the simple tips to make your party a success.

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